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International Journal of Financial Management and Economics
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Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2022)

Due diligence for corporate management under Indian law

Rajeev Shukla

India has been set on a pediment as a lucrative destination for foreign investment in the recent past. Its large labor force, powerful wealth, and untapped resources are fuelling the Indian economy. Ever since India opened its doors to the global market, many foreign-based firms have been aggressively looking to invest in the Indian market, and even vice versa. Nevertheless, lack of awareness of a number of factors such as the process for establishment of the Indian company, ease of doing business, access to consumer options, and the cultural context have proven to be an obstacle to foreign firms' open investment.
In the due diligence process, there are distinct fields of priority. In line with normal due diligence procedures, the fields of due diligence have been chosen. There are already specific rules in the fields of due diligence, such as law and tax, determined by the competition laws of the nation or territory. Therefore, they are not discussed in the past studies as comprehensively, which tends to rely primarily on certain fields of due diligence that are frequently ignored. To develop the core principles behind due diligence, a comprehensive analysis needs to be conducted. In order to achieve a holistic overview of the method, due diligence is multidisciplinary in nature, so a vast variety of literature has been examined.
The author aims to constitute the backbone of a philosophical structure that describes the main fields of due diligence, the mechanism of due diligence, and the concepts of due diligence. This paper delves into the multidimensional nature of a due diligence process and its conformity with Indian legislations in order to provide Indian Companies with a holistic overview of the entire mechanism.
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Rajeev Shukla. Due diligence for corporate management under Indian law. Int J Finance Manage Econ 2022;5(1):20-27. DOI: 10.33545/26179210.2022.v5.i1.108
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