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International Journal of Financial Management and Economics
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Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2020)

International print media and development in India

Abhishek Jaiswal and Kuldeep Kumar

Modernization assumes that North American and European development models could be replicated in other regions of the world-newspapers with high readership manifest preponderance of development news either from Europe or the U.S.A. A trend towards a negative portrayal of news from Africa can also be witnessed simultaneously. Being a developing country with limited resources, India faces challenges on the social, economic, and political front. The difficulty escalates when in the name of development and modernization, the West's political philosophy is propagated, and the third world is disregarded in the international print media. Therefore, this paper seeks to address modernization's abstraction that has shaped the communication on development news. This research attempts to identify the disparity between India's developmental activity and a rather negative portrayal by the international print media, focusing only on the social exceptions. It germinates from the affirmation towards the human tendency of prioritizing the negative over positive news content. It is an endeavor to recognize the development model's disenchantment, which occurs in the third world. Print media could provide the faculty with widen horizons. Furthermore, it would place India in a better position when going through international negotiations for resource mobilization. Therefore, the paper deals with the omnipresent predicament of India's negative depiction, a developing economy, by international print media.
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Abhishek Jaiswal, Kuldeep Kumar. International print media and development in India. Int J Finance Manage Econ 2020;3(2):85-87. DOI: 10.33545/26179210.2020.v3.i2.62
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International Journal of Financial Management and Economics
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